Face Recognition Temperature Measurement & Measurement Machine

  1. Medical-level high precision infrared temperature detector.
  2. Handfree Non-Contact, easily and quickly measure temperatures from a safe and hazard-free distance.
  3. 0.5S Quick measurement.
  4. 4-inch IPS HD display.
  5. 2 Megapixels HD cameras support wide dynamic rang HDR.
  6. Real-time Fever Alarm & high temperature warning alarm.
  7. Automatic face recognition & detection mode.
  8. Automatically capture personnel with abnormal body temperature to improve efficiency and reduce missing information.
  9. Digital screen display and voice prompt for testing result.
  10. Infrared measuring range: 33~ 49℃, Accuracy : ±0.3 degrees
  11. Face Recognition Distance: 0.3-1 meter
  12. IP45 rated dust and water resistant
  13. Power supply: DC 4.2~5V, USB charging or battery (18650 Li-ion)
    Standby: 1 week
  14. Environment temperature: 10℃ ~40℃
  15. Installation: Screw, Double-sided adhesive tape or mounted on tripod

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